Expression of Bcl-2 and c-ErbB-2 in Colorectal Neoplasia


Department of Pathology, Gazi University Medical School Beþevler, Ankara, Turkey


Several studies have been demonstrated the value of c-ErbB-2 and Bcl-2 in predicting the biological behaviour of tumors. The aim of this study was to investigate Bcl-2 and c-ErbB-2 expression in colorectal carcinomas and the correlation between their presence and other clinicopathologic parameters. Eighty-six colorectal carcinomas and 17 adenomas were stained with Bcl-2 and c-ErbB-2 immunohistochemically. Staining patterns were assessed semi-quantitatively and correlated with tumor size, Duke’s classification, tumor differentiation, mucinous characteristic and anatomic locations. We detected Bcl-2 expression in 10 of 17 adenomas (58.8 %) and 31 of 86 carcinomas (36.04 %). Positive staining in normal mucosa was observed only in the compartment of cryptic cells. However neither the difference in the rates of Bcl-2 positivity in adenoma and carcinoma groups, nor the correlation with other mentioned clinicopathological parameters, were found statistically significant. Bcl-2 expression was found to be significantly high in mucinous carcinomas. Expression of c-ErbB-2 was observed in 12 of 86 (13.95 %) carcinomas. It was not detected in adenomas and normal mucosa. Although the incidence of c-ErbB-2 in nonmucinous carcinoma was higher than that of mucinous carcinoma, this was not significant. In addition we were unable to show any significant relation between c-ErbB-2 expression and other clinicopathologic features. Our result suggest that c-ErbB-2 protein expression in colorectal carcinomas, is not very frequent event. There is no correlation between c-ErbB-2 expression and malignant potential of colorectal carcinomas. Higher expressions of Bcl-2 in adenomas than carcinomas suggest us a possible role of Bcl-2 in early carcinogenesis of colon. However since we were unable to find any significant correlation between Bcl-2 expression and other parameters the impact of this gene on biological behavior is still unclear for us. Pathology & Oncology Research, Vol 7, Nr 1, 24-27, 2001

Key words: Bcl-2; c-ErbB-2; colorectal neoplasia

Received: May 18, 2000; accepted: Jan 21, 2001
Correspondence: Ayse DURSUN, Department of Pathology, Gazi University Medical School Beþevler, Turgut Reis Caddesi 16/8 Mebu-sevleri-Tandosan Ankara 06580, Turkey; Tel: 00 90 3122137494, Fax: 00 90 3122129908; E-mail:

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