Prognostic Histological and Immune Markers of Renal Cell Carcinoma

Tamás MAGYARLAKI1, István BUZOGÁNY2, László KAISER3, Farkas SÜKÖSD3, Róbert DÖBRÖNTE1, Barbara SIMON1, Attila FAZEKAS4, Judit NAGY4

1Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University of Pécs, Medical Faculty, Pécs, Hungary
2Department of Urology, University of Pécs, Medical Faculty, Pécs, Hungary
3Department of Pathology, University of Pécs, Medical Faculty, Pécs, Hungary
4Nephrology Center, 2nd Department of Medicine, University of Pécs, Medical Faculty, Pécs, Hungary


Recent development on the fields of molecular genetics and immunology of human renal cell carcinoma (RCC) have resulted in more successful treatment of advanced and metastatic RCCs. Re-evaluation of the prognostic/predictive data aim the initial tumor staging of RCC patients to achieve better patient selection for immune and gene therapy. 125 RCC patients diagnosed according to the Heidelberg histological classification, graded, Robson staged, immune treated (Interferon-a a+ Vinblastin or Broncho-Waxom/Decaris) were followed-up clinically for 36 months. Tumor immunity markers by immunohistochemistry of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) were detected by immunoperoxidase methods using monoclonal antibodies. Tumoral immune complexes (TIC) were visualized by fluorescent polyclonal antibodies. Histologically oncocytomas defined a better (p<0.02) and sarcomatous RCCs a worse (p<0.01) follow-up prognosis. Basically, the metastatic status (related with the stage and grade) determined the clinical outcome (p<0.00002) of the RCC patients. Tumoral immune complexes (TIC) were weak positive, while tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) weak negative predictors of the succes of Broncho-Waxom/Decaris immune therapy. Molecular genetic based histological classification, grade, stage and metastatic status parameters together with some tumor immunity parameters (TIL, TIC) can predict the success of immunotherapy of RCC patients. Pathology & Oncology Research, Vol 7, Nr 2, 118-124, 2001

Key words: renal cell carcinoma; histology; immunohistochemistry; immunotherapy; clinicopathology

Received: Feb 2, 2001; accepted: Jun 6, 2001
Correspondence: Tamás MAGYARLAKI, Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University of Pécs, Medical Faculty, Ifjúság útja 13. Pécs , Hungary; Tel: (36) 72-536 120, Fax: (36) 72-536 120; E-mail:

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