Microsatellite Analysis of Chromosome 3p Region in Sporadic Renal Cell Carcinomas

Francesca GIROLAMI, Ilaria PASSERINI, Dorotea GARGANO, Sabrina FRUSCONI, Donata VILLARI, Giulio NICITA, Francesca TORRICELLI

Cytogenetics and Genetics Unit, Azienda Ospedaliera Careggi and II Urological Clinic, Firenze, Italy


The etiology and progression of renal carcinomas (RCC) is still poorly understood. RCC have been classified into several pathological entities. The most frequent type, clear cell carcinoma, accounts for about 80% of sporadic RCC and shows several chromosome abnormalities documented both by conventional cytogenetics, loss of eterozygosity (LOH) and replication error (RER) studies. In 10 clear cell type sporadic RCC we evaluated LOH and RER using a set of 10 microsatellite markers covering the chromosome 3p region, which has been suggested for interstitial deletions. Electrophoresis was performed by automated sequencer ABI Prism 377 and data were analyzed with Genescan and Genotyper 2.5 softwares. We revealed allelic loss in 48,7% of informative microsatellites and a single case of RER. We found the highest LOH frequency in 3p25-26 region where maps Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) oncosuppressor gene. In addition, DNA hypermethylation, an alternative mechanism of VHL gene silencing, was evaluated by methylation-specific PCR. However hypermethylation status was not detected in any of our tumor samples. Pathology & Oncology Research, Vol 8, Nr 4, 241-244, 2002

Key words: microsatellite instability; renal cell carcinoma; LOH; RER

Received: Nov 12, 2002; accepted: Dec 10, 2002
Correspondence: Francesca GIROLAMI, Cytogenetics and Genetics Unit, Azienda Ospedaliera Careggi and II Urological Clinic, V.le Morgagni n.85 Firenze 50134, Italy; Tel: 055/4279363, Fax: 055/4279686; E-mail:

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