p53 and Cyclin A Protein Expression in Squamous Carcinoma of the Oesophagus

Runjan CHETTY, Sobusiso SIMELANE

Department of Pathology, University of Natal School of Medicine, Durban, South Africa


The aim of this study was to explore the relationship between p53 and cyclin A immunostaining in squamous carcinomas of the oesophagus. It has been shown that both these proteins are overexpressed in poorly differentiated endometrial carcinomas. Fifty oesophagectomy specimens were analysed for p53 and cyclin A immunoexpression. This was correlated with patient age and gender and tumor stage and grade. Forty-two percent of cases were p53 positive, while 94% of the squamous cancers expressed cyclin A protein. Neither protein showed any statistically significant correlation with clinicopathological parameters. This study has demonstrated that only 42% of oesophageal squamous carcinomas from South Africa express p53 protein, while the vast majority (94%) express cyclin A protein. Neither of these proteins showed any relationship to each other or any clinical feature or the tumor grade or stage. Pathology & Oncology Research, Vol 5, Nr 3, 193-196, 1999

Key words: oesophagus; squamous carcinoma; cell cycle; p53; cyclin A

Received: Mar 31, 1999; accepted: May 27, 1999
Correspondence: Runjan CHETTY, Department of Pathology, University of Natal School of Medicine, Private Bag 7 Durban 4013, South Africa, Fax: 27-31-2052711; E-mail:

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