Spontaneously curing anaplastic carcinoma in the lymph node

Gizella VADÁSZ1, Zoltán SÁPI1, Mihály ERDEI2, György LÖVEY3, Miklós BODÓ1

1Department of Pathology, St. John's Hospital, Budapest, Hungary
2General Practitioner, Budapest, Hungary
3Department of Surgery, St. Francis Hospital, Budapest, Hungary


A well documented case of a spontaneously curing anaplastic carcinoma in lymph node is presented with a 16 year follow up. Reevaluation and detailed immunohistochemical examination confirmed the original diagnosis of anaplastic carcinoma. This is the first report of a spontaneously curing anaplastic carcinoma which raises the following questions: Was the tumor in the axillary lymph node a metastasis or a primary tumor? Does the anaplastic carcinoma demonstrate the same spontaneous regression characteristics as for example the neuroblastoma? Pathology & Oncology Research, Vol 3, Nr 2, 139-141, 1997

Key words: anaplastic carcinoma; spontaneous regression

Received: May 12, 1997; accepted: Jun 20, 1997
Correspondence: Gizella VADÁSZ, Department of Pathology, St. John's Hospital, Diósárok u. 1. Budapest H-1125, Hungary; Tel: (36-1)1754644, Fax: (36-1)1754644

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