Virological, Neurological and Histological Investigations of a Child Born to a Mother with AIDS

Ágnes GYURIS1, Judit SEGESDI1, Mária MEZEI1, Katalin BALOG1, Zsuzsanna JELENIK3, Mária TAKÁCS2, György BERENCSI2, István FÖLDES1, Katalin MAJTÉNYI4, Katalin KOLLÁR5, János MINÁROVITS1

1Microbiological Research Group, ''Béla Johan'' National Institute of Hygiene, Budapest, Hungary
2Department of Virology, ''Béla Johan'' National Institute of Hygiene, Budapest, Hungary
3St. László Hospital, Budapest, Hungary
4National Institute for Nervous and Mental Diseases, Budapest, Hungary
5St. Panthaleon Hospital, Dunaújváros, Hungary


HIV-1 was isolated from a child at 6 and 9 months of age, proving the vertical transmission of infection from the mother with AIDS. The p24 antigen test of the plasma at 9 months of age was positive as well. A positive PCR reaction was detected in J34 cells, infected with the supernatant of the peripheral blood lymphocytes of the child. According to phenotypic characterization, the virus proved to be a SI (syncytium inducing) isolate, growing in PBL, MT2, J34 and other T and monocytic cell lines. The isolate was AZT sensitive. Two methods were applied for genotypic characterization: 1. Heteroduplex mobility assay (HMA), 2. Sequence analysis of a part of the env gene. On the basis of both of these methods, this virus belongs to the B subtype of HIV-1, which is prevalent mainly in Europe and in the USA. The neurological status of the child was followed regularly. At autopsy the presence of p24 antigen was detected in glial cells of the frontal cortex, proving the presence of the virus in the brain. A retardation of the development of the central nervous system could be observed as well. Pathology & Oncology Research, Vol 3, Nr 4, 303-308, 1997

Key words: HIV; mother to child transmission; central nervous system development; delayed myelinization

Received: Nov 17, 1997; accepted: Dec 1, 1997
Correspondence: Ágnes GYURIS, Microbiological Research Group, ''Béla Johan'' National Institute of Hygiene, Pihenõ út 1. Budapest H-1529, Hungary; Tel: (36-1)1760044, Fax: (36-1)1760409; E-mail:

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