Early Experiences with Combined Treatment (Surgery and Brachytherapy) of Gynecological Recurrences Infiltrating the Pelvic Wall

Mihály PATYÁNIK1, Árpád MAYER1, László UNGÁR2, István POLGÁR1

1Centre for Oncoradiology, Uzsoki Hospital, Budapest, Hungary
2Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Szent István Hospital, Budapest, Hungary


Neither the surgical nor the radiotherapeutic treatment of gynecological recurrences infiltrating the pelvic wall can be curative alone. The treatment of this group of patients is possible with the CORT (Combined Operative and Radiotherapeutic Treatment) method. As maximal as possible resection of the malignancy is done for patients having no distant metastases and the brachytherapy guiding tubes are implanted into the tumour bed on the pelvic wall. The brachytherapy is carried out postoperatively. An accurate analysis cannot be done because of the short follow up and the few cases. The authors do believe that the survival results of this poor prognostic group may improve by means of this method after proper selection of patients. Pathology & Oncology Research, Vol 2, Nr 3, 171-173, 1996

Key words: pelvic side wall relapses; combined operative and radiotherapeutic treatment

Received: Jul 13, 1996; accepted: Sep 2, 1996
Correspondence: Mihály PATYÁNIK, Centre for Oncoradiology, Uzsoki Hospital, Uzsoki u. 29. Budapest H-1145, Hungary; Tel: 36-1-2517333, Fax: 36-1-2511478

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