Abscess of the Spleen

Nil ÇULHACI1, Ibrahim METEOGLU1, Füruzan KACAR1, Serdar ÖZBAS2

1Department of Pathology, Adnan Menderes University Medical School, Aydin, Turkey
2Department of Surgery, Adnan Menderes University Medical School, Aydin, Turkey


Abscess of the spleen is a very rare lesion. In this study, 4 cases of splenic abscess are presented and discussed along with the literature. The cases were between 16 and 55 years-old and two of them had hematologic malignancy. All of them had been operated on because of acute abdomen, and in two cases splenic rupture was present. Only in one of the cases was salmonellosis detected by microbiological methods. By histological examination, expansion and congestion in splenic sinusoids, and foci of abscess including wide areas of necrosis and inflammatory infiltration by neutrophils were seen in all cases. The most frequent cause of splenic abscess is septic embolism arising from bacterial endocarditis. There are also a few splenic abscess cases seen with malignancies. While splenic abscess is seen rarely, it has a high rate of mortality when it is diagnosed late. Pathology & Oncology Research, Vol 10, Nr 4, 234-236, 2004

Key words: abscess; spleen; immunosuppression

Received: Aug 17, 2004; accepted: Nov 3, 2004
Correspondence: Nil ÇULHACI, Department of Pathology, Adnan Menderes University Medical School, Aydin 09100, Turkey; Tel: +90 256 2120020/227, Fax: +90 256 2148395; E-mail:

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