Cystic Thymoma

Ralf J RIEKER1, Sebastian AULMANN1, Philipp A SCHNABEL1, Falk-Udo SACK2, Herwart F OTTO1, Gunhild MECHTERSHEIMER1, Peter SCHIRMACHER1, Hendrik BLĂ„KER1

1Department of General Pathology, University Hospital, Heidelberg, Germany
2Department of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital, Heidelberg, Germany


Thymic cysts are rare lesions located along the anatomical course of the third pharyngeal pouch. While most of the cases represent congenital cysts, they may also be related to neoplasms. We report a case of a micronodular thymoma with lymphoid stroma, which was completely built of small cysts, discuss the pathologic features of this tumor type and review the etiology and other aspects of thymic cysts. Pathology & Oncology Research, Vol 11, Nr 1, 57-60, 2005

Key words: thymic cysts; cystic thymoma; micronodular thymoma

Received: Feb 17, 2005; accepted: Mar 10, 2005
Correspondence: Ralf J RIEKER, Department of General Pathology, University Hospital, INF 220/221 Heidelberg 69120, Germany; Tel: +49 6221 56 2666, Fax: +49 6221 56 5251; E-mail:

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