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Arányi Lajos Foundation was established to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the first Pathology Department in Hungary which was privately initiated by professor Lajos Arányi. His idea (complementary private support for state-financed medical institutions) is intended to be revitalized by the founders of "Arányi Lajos Foundation for Modern Pathology". The main goals of the Arányi Lajos Foundation are to attract public donations for infrastructural and methodologic developments in pathology and oncology and to support publication activities. The support of the Foundation to Pathology Oncology Research is gratefully acknowledged. Donations can be sent to:

Arányi Lajos Alapítvány/POR
OTP 11709002-20088868.
OTP National Saving and Commercial Bank Ltd.
1095 Budapest, XI Tinodi u. 9-11.

Pathology Oncology Research is published quarterly by Arányi Lajos Foundation. The subscription to Volume 1 (4 issues) is US$ 80/40 (institute/personal). Subscriptions must be prepaid by cheque or credit card and an address given for delivery. Prices include packing and postage by airmail to subscribers. Further informations: dr. Judit Nagy (Publisher; see above).

This journal accepts advertising (managed by the Publisher). We also publish abstracts, proceedings and supplements on behalf of academic and corporate sponsors (please contact one of the Editors).

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