Forms/Categories of Publications

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POR publishes Editorials, Reviews or Minireviews, Articles, Reports, Short Communications, Case Reports, Seminars (Special Reports or Postgraduate Courses), News (or Market News), and Letters to the Editor.

Editorials - Editorials present opinions on any subject relevant to POR’s concerns, including those which discuss the importance of findings published in the same issue. Editorials are usually the responsibility of editors and Advisory Board members but other submissions will also be considered. The length of the Editorial is about 1000-1500 words.

Reviews/Minireviews - Cover a specific topic using the same policy as described for Editorials (mainly invited). Conditions for reviews are the same as for articles. The length of a Minireview should be less than 3000 words, but is negotiable.

Articles - Report original findings of significant importance. They contain around 4000 words (without abstract, reference list or legend for figures and tables). Maximum number of figures and tables: eight.

Reports - Describe important results (not preliminary) which do not need extensive formatting. The length is about 2500 words (with exceptions as described for articles). Maximum number of figures and tables: four.

Short Communications - Serve for rapid publication of even preliminary results of general interest. It should contain 750 words or less (with exceptions as described for articles). Maximum number of figures or tables: two.

Case reports - Should include clinically significant data, a maximum of 1000 words and two figures and/or tables.

Seminars (postgraduate courses) - The purpose is to give a state of the art (up-to-date) overview of a specific topic in pathology or oncology by an invited author. Nevertheless, non-invited manuscripts can also be accepted (in such case a preliminary contact with the Editorial Office is recommended, both to receive technical details and also to discuss the matter of acceptance). Maximum number of figures and tables: eight.

News (Market News) - Usually provided by the editors but is open for any professionals who want to publish scientific and market news (congresses, exhibitions, books, while publication of the contents of other journals can be negotiated on a mutual basis).

Letters to the Editor - Letters (not more than 500 words) provide a forum to express opinions about materials appearing in POR. Relevant references should be included (in case of citation of others'work). Usually, Letters are referred to the authors of commented papers and a response can also be published. Only one figure or table is permitted.

Copyright - Acceptance of the manuscript should indicate the acknowledgement of copyright release to the publisher (Arányi Lajos Foundation). The "Acknowledgement of Copyright Release" (accompanies the proof) signed by the corresponding author also implies that it has been agreed by all named authors, the manuscript contains unpublished work/results, and is not under consideration, in whole or in part, for publication elsewhere (in any language).

Advice on permissions - Owing to problems in gaining permission to reproduce and store material electronically, authors are requested to avoid the use of previously published material. Authors who do plan to reproduce previously published work MUST obtain permission from the copyright holder (usually the publisher), granting this permission. Copies of ALL permission letters should accompany the manuscript. If material from the author’s own published work is to be used, permission should still be obtained from the publisher. We require non-exclusive rights for all languages and also need the right to store and publish the material electronically. Necessary permissions MUST be obtained by the author. As a matter of courtesy, permission should also be requested from the author of the original material. A credit line giving the full source of the material should be included in the manuscript (e.g. in the legend for a figure or a footnote to a table).