Submission and review of manuscript

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One original and two complete copies as well as the electronic version of manuscript should be submitted to the Editors-in-Chief:

László KOPPER, MD, PhD, DSc
1st Institute of Pathology and Experimental Cancer Research
Semmelweis University, Budapest
Üllôi út 26, Budapest, H-1085, Hungary
Tel: (36) (1) 317-0891
Fax: (36) (1) 317-0891

József TÍMÁR, MD, PhD, DSc
Department of Tumor Progression
National Institute of Oncology
Semmelweis University, Budapest
Ráth Gy. u. 7-9, Budapest, H-1122, Hungary
Tel: (36) (1) 224-8786
Fax: (36) (1) 224-8706

or to the Regional Editors:

Ian A CREE, MD, PhD (for UK)
Translational Oncology Research Centre
Department of Histopathology
Michael Darmady Laboratory
Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham
Portsmouth PO6 3LY
Phone: (44) (0) 2392-286-458
Fax: (44) (0) 2392-286-493.

Mary JC HENDRIX, PhD (for USA)
President and Scientific Director
Children's Memorial Institute for Education and Research
Professor of Pediatrics
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
2300 Children's Plaza, Box 222
Chicago, Illinois 60614-3394
Phone: (1) 773-755-6528
Fax: (1) 773-755-6534

Having received the manuscript, an Acknowledgement Letter is sent to the corresponding author, including the manuscript number to be used for further communications. One of the editors assigns manuscripts to experts (two reviewers). Authors are encouraged to give names and addresses of persons outside their own institutions who might be considered as reviewers for their manuscript. Authors can also request to exclude particular reviewers. The review process is intended to be finished within 30 days. Four levels of evaluation are used for manuscripts: accepted; acceptable with minor revision; acceptable with major revision; rejected.

Revised manuscripts should be submitted with one original and the electronic version, including figures, within 3 months (otherwise the manuscript will be treated as a new submission). Revised manuscripts must be accompanied by a letter in which the authors respond to each issue raised by the reviewers (either indicating revision or responding to the reviewers' comments). Changes should be marked on one copy in red ink.

It is encouraged to submit the manuscripts in electronic format (on CD or by E-mail). Text and table(s) must be in MSWord. Electronic illustration (computer-generated figures) is also required (in MS.ppt or in common graphic format using high resolution). Submit illustrations in separate file(s). Preferred graphic softwares are: Adobe Illustrator; Aldus Freehand. To avoid heterogeneity, the preferred character font is Times. On the CD, indicate the title and authors as well as the operating system and word processing program need to generate the file. (The file name is the last name of the first author, followed by a period plus the three letter extension, POR). It is essential that CD(s) be accompanied by hard copy printout. The CD and the paper copy must be identical.